El Espinar

Municipality in Spain

Abled and equipped to lead a generation, this municipality is here to help drive the revolution of progress for Spain.


Empowering and providing direction to the ones who will be leading us in the near future.


Globalising resources and developing aspects so that tourism can bring the right kind of revenue.


Keeping culture and roots alive by making amends to meet the need for change and revolution.


Enabling individuals with the right set of capabilities to take up matters of sports and various other activities.

Town Planning

Planning ahead puts us on the benchmark for progress and ensures that a town stays awake with development.


Imparting knowledge and ensuring that individuals are well equipped to face the world with the right medium of education.

Municipal Services

The right set of services that are directed towards the end goal of progression starts right from our doors and ends up with happy faces.


Be it cleanliness or right means of transportation; every single step comes into the picture when we talk about local development.

Citizen participation - To progress as a group, the main ingredient that we require is unity, as we call for participation from all corners. in order to show participation why don't you visit Fashion etc to learn the true value of unity.


job vacancies - With the aim of seeing employment fly high up in the sky, we intend on making goals connect reality. You can always see from the online slots for availabilities, as if there was nothing to bet.

Public transportation - Keeping matters on par with the world when it comes to development and that goes out to means of transportation.

Natural Tourisum

Providing scope for the growth of tourism starts from the basics, and that is why we have set out to implement different strategies for its development.

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Taking tourism out of the traditional methods and bringing it into the picture along with our ways.

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Providing a layout of places that tend to make people excited due to a whole bunch of reasons.

History of La Espinar

Teaching the world about the vast that lies within this destination and ensuring that the message spreads across all boundaries.

With you we improve the Espinar

As a nation, it is our responsibility to help aspects take the global stage, and Espinar tends to eat a significant share of the cake.

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5 Steps for planning a flawless weekend trip

Weekend Trip
Travel is literally a deep internal call. It can enrich your spirit of living and increases inner joy and peace. People who often travel have very well modified attitude and well-being because they say travelling can help them bring out the unseen calmness and enticement. Planning a successful trip is always stress and fun but executing it is a challenge indeed. If you are a pro planner, then it would not take much time for you to execute a successful trip, but if you are a beginner, then you must go through this article for best and efficient trips. Read more

Step 1: Finalize the destination

The very common mistake most of the travellers do is holding on to the destinations without finalizing one. They think that nailing a destination does not take much time. But the executing of the plans after deciding the location will drain all your energy and potential. In order to avoid such circumstances, it is better to have a destination planned and booked. destination

Step 2: Learn about the location

This is the much-ignored tip every traveller commits. They say that travel must be fun and exciting, but if you are not aware of the things that are taking place in that location, then you will end up getting into trouble. The happiest travel plan can become a misery. If you are smart travellers then do not hesitate to spare some time to sit and research about the destination, the weather, climate, political situations and the social outrages. Being careful is always an appreciated act.

Step 3: Choosing the date and days of travel

days of travel This particular act tells us how proficient planner you are. If you are planning for a long trip then choosing a weekend involved is the very best idea. If you are working and has very less leaves left, then go for a weekend that has holidays associated with it. If you want to be successful in getting your leave on the long weekend coming, then you need to plan priory and keep your things all set.

Step 4: Book your crew

If you are planning for a solo trip, then do not wait for anyone’s eyes, just pack your bags and get set go. If it is a group trip, then book your buddies before. These days meeting your friends become very difficult, taking them to the trip is highly critical. Let them know the destination, place of accommodation and the plan before and make the booking accordingly. Going with your pals is one different memory that you can always cherish. Travelling with your friends’ strengths your relationship and increases the bond between the friends.

5. Have a travel log

Having a travel log can help you reduce a great amount of time and energy. When you are efficient enough to execute your plan, location, time and money is never a hurdle, keep yourself punctual and reach the destination on time, cover all the places that are in your checklist. Click here

Natural Recreational Park Of La Panera

La Panera, a natural place where facilities are set up to enjoy in the countryside the tranquility of some great pine forests in which numerous activities can be developed. To get to La Panera, the core of El Espinar Station must be taken as a reference, since these facilities are located just over 3 kilometers away. Although communication with private vehicles or buses is very comfortable (it takes approximately one hour to arrive from Madrid), many people use the comfort of regional trains, there is a train stop four kilometers from the facilities, to spend the day in She and return to Madrid without the usual traffic jams on weekends. In order to enjoy the scenery of La Panera make sure you are ready, discover more.

The summer season is the most used, and within it on weekends is when the full is almost usual, so if we are going to go on holidays it is advisable to go early to take the best places. In summer it is also necessary to pay at the entrance, little money, which is intended for the care and cleaning of the facilities. But the rest of the year you can also have La Panera as an ideal place to meet with family or friends, make excursions on foot or by mountain bike through the fantastic places of La Graganta, where we can see numerous species of native plants, among the that highlight the Mediterranean pine, and hopefully we can see animals such as foxes, wild boars, roe deer, trout in the rivers and numerous raptors and scavengers, it is not difficult to cross any of these specimens, so it is also advisable to bring some binoculars to to be able to contemplate them more closely.

Facility equipment:swimming pools for adults and children with lifeguards, grills (ensure the possibility of cooking on the grills in times of fire, but usually they can be used), services, bar, sports fields in rustic, dining tables (although they are usually occupied immediately ), to all this we must add the numerous spaces to sunbathe, rest lying under the pines, assemble our own camping furniture, a river where the hottest days bathe children safely, free parking for vehicles … In addition, the environment is an ideal place to make routes through the mountains contemplating the numerous species that populate the pine forests, making this place a unique and unparalleled site in the center of the peninsula, where to get rid of the summer heat in a natural way and fun, and very close to Madrid.

In the nearby population centers there are good shops where you can buy everything you need to spend the day: natural charcoal or wood for grills available at hardware stores, wood-fired bread, ice, drinks and meats (chops, bacon, steaks …) of cattle raised in the same places that surround the facilities. It is not necessary to leave the house loaded with the purchase nor do you have to do it the day before, everything you need can be purchased locally. We recommend several sites in San Rafael, for example in the Mari José Food you can buy bread made in a wood oven, very close to that trade you have several butchers where you can buy the rich chops of the cattle that are raised in the area, there are also fishmongers and places to buy what is necessary to spend the day and cool off, like ice or the usual disposable cutlery in field trips, so you don’t have to scrub. That is, you do not need to come with the food purchased previously, you can take it fresh a few minutes before cooking.

From what we see in the images, because it is an ideal place to get rid of the heat of the big cities and for many more reasons, La Panera is the ideal place to disconnect from work and return with charged batteries, and with children rendered of Enjoy throughout the day. In the area there is no good mobile phone signal, so we will get rid for a few hours of the dependence that exists on the phones, but if necessary we could talk with a little closer to the entrance to the facilities.

One more tip: it is almost mandatory to bring some camping equipment (blankets, mattresses, chairs, tables. The stone tables are very nice and durable, but many hours sitting on them end up with the toughest butt.

Can I say that the movie wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for San Rafael and El Espinar?

Jorge San Román / San Rafael

A year of preparation, four months of shooting and six months of postproduction have been necessary for Guillermo del Toro to perform “The Labyrinth of the Faun”, which he considers his most mature film and of which he feels most proud. The film, shot entirely in locations of San Rafael and El Espinar, has been chosen by the Mexican Film Academy to represent that country among the nominees for the award for best non-English-speaking film at the Oscars ceremony.

“The labyrinth of the faun” places us in the year 1944, fifth year of peace, and tells of the exciting journey of Ophelia (Ivana Baquero), a 13-year-old girl who, along with her mother, Carmen (Ariadna Gil), convalescent because from an advanced state of gestation, he moves to a small town, in which Vidal (Sergi López), a cruel captain of the Franco army, Carmen’s new husband and for whom Ophelia feels no affection, stands out.

Vidal’s mission is to end the last vestiges of republican resistance hidden in the mountains of the area. Also there, there is the mill where Vidal has its operations center, Mercedes (Maribel Verdú) is waiting for them, a young woman who is in charge of the other members of the service and the doctor (Alex Angulo) who will take care of the Carmen’s delicate state of health.

One night, Ophelia discovers the ruins of a labyrinth where she meets a faun (Doug Jones), a strange creature that makes an incredible revelation: Ophelia is actually a princess, last of her lineage, to which her own carry a lot waiting time. In order to return to her magical kingdom, the girl must face three trials before the full moon. In the course of this mission, fantasy and reality embrace to unleash a wonderful story where the magic that surrounds Ophelia transports us to a unique universe, full of adventures and full of emotion.

Born in Jalisco (Mexico) in 1964, Guillermo del Toro has practically spent his entire life in cinema, and has combined his work as a director and screenwriter with his renowned work as a producer and artist in special effects. His productions have not been limited to the cinematography of his country, having worked with the Hollywood industry in films such as “Mimic” and “Hellboy”, and for cinematographies such as Spanish, with titles such as “The Devil’s Backbone.”

If we immerse ourselves in Guillermo del Toro’s work, we find that the main references of “The Labyrinth of the Faun” come less from the films that have impressed him the most, and more from literature and painting.

I’ve always been very influenced by Goya, especially for his black paintings that are, for me, the most impressive. The painting of “Saturn devouring his son”, for example, was for me one of the main inspirations for the Pale Man, one of the main characters of The Labyrinth. But for the general environment I drew on the works of illustrator Arthur Rackham. I tried to connect with the perversity and sexual content of his work and achieved something very intense and visceral, which was perfect for “The Labyrinth of the Faun”. This required a lot of work, both in the construction of the sets, which had to be scrupulously detailed, delicate, and in the choice of colors.

Together with Eugenio Caballero, the art director, we build everything, from beginning to end, from the smallest corner to the entire room … In total we build 34 different sets, each more sumptuous than the previous one. Eugenio did a fabulous job. To capture the world that I wanted to show, it was also necessary to take great care of the atmosphere of the film’s light. Guillermo Navarro, my cinematographer and old friend, and I understand each other perfectly.

For the Faun, I wanted something as organic as possible, with its body covered with leaves and branches, as if it were really part of nature, an appearance as real as possible, almost without using special effects, a special technique that I believe It has not been seen before in cinema. Everything was done on the set, with the help of animatronics, which are used for the first time in Spanish cinema, especially for such a complex creature. The pale man was originally conceived as a skeletal man with hanging skin. After some changes, I placed my eyes on the palms of the pale man, who would show them like feathers of a royal bird in front of his face. This was the birth of a more surreal monster. But despite the elaboration of special effects, These two creatures would not have had the same impact without the interpretation of my friend Doug Jones, a professional mime who had previously played Abe Sapiens in “Hellboy.” And that’s not all! In the movie there are even more creatures, like a giant toad and fairies like you’ve never seen, much more cunning and cheater than Peter Pan’s!

Despite this innovative and magnificent visual artifice, Guillermo del Toro has never intended to make “The Labyrinth of the Faun” a fantastic film, but has decided from the beginning to direct the film to a wider audience.

I have always preferred hybrid, mixed genres. Like, for example, the combination of terror with a historical plot. For me “The Labyrinth of the Faun” is, therefore, a drama that has its roots in a context of war, with mythological and fairytale elements inserted. Even these creatures that I am especially fond of are not the most important. Because, above all, this film is based on a deeply human and dramatic story. A story that raises universal issues that concern us all.

What made you choose our villages to place the action of “The Labyrinth of the Faun”?

The pine trees serve as the setting for the different moments of the filmLook, first we were doing a reference scouting, because we really went to the Pyrenees, to the whole northern part of Spain, looking for the locations. Then, with the production consciousness that we had to find similar places near Madrid, I found that the entire landscape around Madrid was very transformed, very little care. Suddenly, we arrived in Segovia and we met El Espinar and San Rafael, perfectly preserved places, with absolutely mythical landscapes, where we could shoot, and that had easy access and people absolutely in favor of the work. All that is what led us to film there, and I can tell you that the film would not exist if it were not for San Rafael and El Espinar. And what I found there, in addition to a mother pig suckling pig, that I consumed almost every day in a brutal and energetic way, it was people who were open to the cinema, who supported the cinema, and I think we made close friends between the forest guards and the townspeople. I had the pleasure of reading the proclamation at the San Rafael festivities, and even getting a little fart, with a lemonade to use that had a high alcohol content and very little lemon …


"The enthusiasm and commitment that goes into their service is something which I haven't witnessed before".

Donnie Thorn

"I understood the means of progression only after I got in touch with the actions of this municipal board".

Tanya H. Snow